opioid naïve patient (nepheliad) wrote in hypnoticons,
opioid naïve patient

have a drink

What inspired this? ... Good question. Drinks of the day on the menu:

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We wants.

Yes, we wants.
OH! Yeah, do you want to afflilate with spinningdaisies?
Sure thing!
You have a fantastic sense of composition. I think I may snag the Guiness icon, as I can never have enough Guiness icons.
One would think that after a month in Ireland drinking Guinness every single day, I would be able to spell it properly.
Well, according to my artistic rendition it is simply "nness," so spell however you like. *nods*

Looks more like 'innes' to me.

*snags a couple for Milliways*
Silly bluedano. Although you may (or may not) be surprised how many people in Ireland can't spell it either.

Erm... snagging one of the beer ones. And the margaritas. And the coffee. Thanks!
*is in Ireland* *can't spell it* Yup.
Mmm. Had some wine and some shots, both very pretty. Feel I should be drunk now. :D Thanks!
Took the Guinness, thanks!
Took the coffee one.
Those are just uber-cool.
took guinnnes:) thanks.